Go Green and Get Healthy with Organic Green Coffee

Green CoffeeHave you heard of organic green coffee? It is a variety of coffee that has many health benefits – way more than just keeping you awake in the morning.

Coffee is often considered to be the drink of the gods, at least for the many of us who walk around half-asleep in the morning. It gets us going full steam ahead when we would much rather go back to bed. But have you ever wondered if there was a healthier alternative to your regular coffee? Well there is, it’s called green coffee.

Organic is In

In this day and age, everyone is discussing (after their morning coffee, of course) how they can help the environment. There is a turn towards the healthier organic foods. Organic products don’t use chemical pesticides during the growing process, which limits the amount of possible toxins in the food later on. When it comes to coffee, you can have organic brown or black coffee, but green coffee adds a new twist.

More Antioxidants than Green Tea

Another hot topic is antioxidants. We are prematurely aging due to environmental conditions, the foods we eat and our other lifestyle habits. These all produce free radicals that damage our internal organs. One way to combat them is with antioxidants.

Organic green coffee contains antioxidants. In fact, some experts say that it contains more antioxidants than the green tea that is so popular these days. The antioxidants neutralize the free radicals and help our bodies resist some of the effects of free radicals: disease, wrinkles and other health issues.

A Metabolism Booster

Green coffee is also used to boost metabolism and provide energy when you need it most. Two components of green coffee, caffeic acid and chlorogenic acid, help you burn fat by speeding up your metabolism and also providing an energy burst. Most people drink coffee to get that morning zing, but with the green variety, you get the extra boost to whittle your waistline.

What about your cholesterol levels? You probably didn’t think that your coffee drinking had anything to do with that. With green coffee, there are none of the substances present that help raise your bad cholesterol level.

Green Coffee Beans

How is Green Coffee Different than Organic Coffee?

So how is green coffee made? The process begins like that of brown or black coffee. One important difference that we highlighted above is that there are no chemicals used during the growing and harvesting process.

The coffee is created from raw coffee beans that do not undergo the roasting process. They are washed repeatedly like other coffee beans and dried but that is all. The coffee tastes differently since it isn’t roasted, but it has many fans that love the flavor and swear by it.

To add to the other health benefits, the lack of pesticides, chemical-containing fertilizers and other artificial enhancers used in processing keeps the coffee bean free of toxins that may be found in other coffees. Thus, there are no impurities in the beans and the resulting green coffee.

If you’d like to give it a try, you can find green coffee ground or whole in a variety of places.

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