Green Tea

Matcha Green Tea Smoothies

Try These Matcha Green Tea Smoothies

If you are interested in the health benefits of matcha tea, but don’t enjoy hot drinks, why not make a smoothie? Here are four different types of matcha green tea smoothies to try out.

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Food that fight high blood pressure

Lower Your Blood Pressure With These Foods

You might want to try lowering your blood pressure with these foods, plus reducing the amount of salt in your diet, losing weight and exercising, before taking meds.

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Tea Pot

Improve Your Health with Tea

Green tea has been around for a very long time and is one of the best teas that you can drink for your health. It originated in China, and was used even then as a medicinal drink.

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Matcha Green Tea

The Hottest, Healthiest Tea Trend – Matcha Green Tea

As it turns out, there is one particular green tea which might be better than the rest, and that is Matcha green tea.

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