Fight Inflammation with Red Smoothies

Inflammation affects millions of people around the world and the majority of them aren’t even aware of it. When your muscles, joints and entire body hurt for no reason at all, it’s not because you’re getting old. You probably have inflammation.

Red Smoothies

Inflammation sets the stage for many other health problems and diseases to take root. If you feel like you may be suffering from inflammation, the first thing you should do is to see a doctor to get a proper diagnosis.

You may be prescribed medication depending on the severity of your condition. The second thing that you should do is incorporate red smoothies in your diet. The antioxidant properties, vitamins and nutrients found in red smoothies will help to mitigate the inflammation problem.

Do note that the smoothies and prescribed medication are not mutually exclusive. You can consume both at the same time since the smoothies are made out of natural fruits and vegetables.

Avoid These Foods

The biggest culprit of inflammation is poor food choices. The excessive use of sugar and consuming too many processed foods are the root causes of inflammation. Dairy products and factory farmed meat can also cause inflammation.

The best way to combat this problem is by consuming healthy foods that have beneficial effects on our bodies. While this may seem like a Herculean task to many and it can be difficult to wean yourself off a poor diet, it is much easier to consume a smoothie or two daily.

Start With Small Steps

You will be able to arrest the problem a little and slowly work on changing your diet. It’s important to address the inflammation problem in the early stages before it turns chronic and causes more damage and pain in your body.

Red Smoothie Ingredients That Fight Inflammation


There are a few ingredients that are often used to make red smoothies. One such ingredient is berries. Strawberries, raspberries, blueberries, blackberries, etc. are used in many red smoothie recipes. These berries contain compounds and flavanoids that will combat inflammation.

Red Strawberry Smoothis

Turmeric and Ginger

If you added a dash of turmeric and ginger in your recipe, you’d have 2 more inflammation fighting ingredients in your red smoothie.


Beets are a very common vegetable used in most red smoothies. The health benefits of beets are so many that one can almost consider this a superfood. One of the biggest benefits of beets is that the betalains in beets, which are actually plant pigments, are very effective at reducing inflammation in the body.

Consume beets on a consistent basis and you’ll be able to prevent inflammation from occurring in future.

Red Apples

Another often used ingredient to make red smoothies is red apples. These apples contain phytochemicals and flavonoids such as chlorogenic acid, catechin, quercetin and phloridzin.

While these are terms you may not have heard before, all you need to know is that the red apples have polyphenol content that will prevent inflammation. The red apple juice has also been shown to reduce swelling and pain. Even if you have muscle aches and muscular fatigue from exercise, the juice from the apples will help you.

Give It A Go!

You have nothing to lose and everything to gain from making red smoothies a part of your diet. If you suffer from inflammation, you owe it to yourself to give red smoothies a try. Be consistent and consume a glass or two daily. Over time, you should notice a significant change in your condition – for the better. Make good diet choices and live pain-free.

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